Deputy Dean’s Message

Welcome and thank you for visiting the UTM Perdana School’s web site.

We are a relatively young organization that aims to produce competent public policy leaders and professionals in the field of science, technology and innovation (STI) policy. Proficiency in managing STI has assumed increasing importance in recent years given the explosion in new developments in STI that have had profound impacts in almost all spheres of human activity. In addition, we are constantly being saddled with complex problems such as climate change, resource scarcity and unevenness in development. These and other seemingly intractable problems underscore the need for more holistic and integrative approaches that accord emphasis to the adoption of several disciplines for their resolution. Towards this end, we at Perdana School aim to develop the following:

A Dynamic Curriculum that promotes STI policy building skills through interdisciplinary approaches that goes beyond the confines of specific disciplines. We aim to produce graduates with the expertise and breadth of vision to serve effectively whether at the public sector, industry or community levels;

Strong STI Policy Linkages: A focus towards building close nexus with the relevant actors in the STI ecosystem so as to enhance the sharing of expertise and resources as well as an appreciation of the complexities in policy formulation and implementation;

Authentic Policy Outcomes: A workplace based approach which aims to produce authentic STI industry policy outcomes that are realistic and implementable;

Student Centered Approaches: Promoting effective mentoring as well as providing a supportive infrastructure to enable our students to graduate on time

The above features constitute the ‘Perdana Way’ that defines what we promise to deliver to our students.  

Besides educational pursuits, Perdana School hopes to harness the multi-disciplinary talents found within its staff to address national and industry problems through research and consultancy activities. Such engagements will not only ensure that our talents are mobilized to tackle real problems, they also contribute towards enriching our curriculum as well as our students’ competencies. We hope to raise the profile of Perdana School in collaboration with other like-minded parties to become the regional hub for policy studies particularly for countries of the OIC.

We would like you to join us in our exciting journey of making a difference to the lives of people as well as enhancing the performance of organizations through the application and diffusion of STI. We are open to new ideas and would provide you a platform that is not only intellectually stimulating but, more importantly, personally fulfilling.

Thank You.

Prof. Zamri bin Mohamed
Deputy Dean
UTM Perdana School