International Scholars

1. Prof. Dr. Ronald Owen Battle
Qualification Date of Employment Expertise
PhD Business Administration University of Berkley, USA, 2002 1st contract: 1/12/2009 – 31/12/2009 Business Administration
Master of City Planning Urban Design, Harvard University
Columbia, 1974 2nd contract:  31/12/2009 – 1/1/2010
Bachelor of Architecture Howard University Columbia
2. Dr. Gina Zanolini Morrison
Qualification Date of Employment Expertise
PhD in Human Development/Instructional Leadership, Marywood University. 1st contract: 6/7/2009 – 18/7/2009 Human Development
MS in Counselor Education, Marywood University.
BS in Secondary Education, Communication Arts, Kutztown State University. 2nd contract:  15/9/2010 – 14/6/2011
3. Dr. Steven John Coombs
Qualification Date of Employment Expertise
PhD in Human Learning, Brunel University, London  UK 1st contract: 16/5/2010 – 30/5/2010 Education & Information Technology
M.Phil. Action Research, Brunel University, London UK
BSc(Hons) in Applied Physics, University of Bath, UK
Diploma in Education Computing Management, University of Exeter, UK
4. Prof. Govindan Nair
Qualification Date of Employment Expertise
Master in Public Affairs (Economics and Public Policy), Princeton University, New Jersey, USA 1st contract: 1/2/2012 – 30/4/2012 Managerial Economics & International Management
Bachelor of Arts, Economics, Reed College, Portland, Oregon, USA
Diploma Superieur de Francais Commercial, Paris International Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Paris, France 2nd contract:  15/6/2012  – 31/7/2012
5. Prof. Nick Wreden
Qualification Date of Employment Expertise
M.S., Mercer University (Atlanta, Georgia USA), 2000, Business & Technology Management

1st contract:  21/11/2011 – 20/3/2012

2nd contract:  21/3/2012 – 20/3/2013

Branding (including metrics); Social Media; Technology Marketing; Destination/tourism Marketing; Editorial; Education
M.A., University of Missouri-Columbia (Missouri USA), 1981, Journalism
 B.A. (Cum Laude), Washington & Lee University (Lexington, Virginia, USA), 1974, Journalism & Politics with Minor in Chinese