Doctor of Philosophy (Policy Studies)


This program is specially designed to produce knowledgeable, skillful and expert Science, Technology and Innovation policy makers and researchers. This program trains graduates to create a continuous flow of innovative ideas by leveraging on the existing stock of knowledge in STI related policies that will benefit industry and the research community.

Program Objectives

UTM Perdana School is committed to produce experts in analyzing policy issues at the intersection of science, technology and innovation.

Program Outcome

This Doctoral research program is capable to develop students with the following capabilities :

  1. Exploring the various knowledge and theories suitable for the particular research context.
  2. Identifying and analysing the research problem critically and creatively and producing well thought research proposal.
  3. Justifying  and  verifying  the  research  proposal or solution using various related fundamental theories.
  4. Performing the research in a systematic/scientific manner.
  5. Adapting lifelong learning.
  6. Writing and publishing their research work in both national and international refereed and high impact factor journals.
  7. Presenting and defending their research work in national and international conferences, and finally during their oral viva.
  8. Demonstrating practicing ethical code of conduct professionalism.

Research Area

Science, Technology and Innovation Policy: Suggested Areas of Research

Knowledge Society & Digital Technologies Entrepreneurship & Innovation Managing STI Policy Implementation Green and sustainable technology
Policy, Governance & Regulations in the Digital Age S & T Innovation Strategies Science & Technology Policy in Education Policy Innovation for Sustainable Development
Technology and Society Policy Issues (Cyber-Security, Privacy etc) Commercialization Policies for
S & T Research & Development
Education Policy for Change and Innovation Green Technologies and Issues of Environmental Sustainability
Innovations Policy-building for Human Capital Development S & T Entrepreneurship S & T Policy Design; Engineering Case Studies Natural Resources and Strategic Management
Technology Transfer Policies (Intellectual Property, Fair Use, etc) S & T Resource Efficiency S & T Lifelong Learning & Knowledge Society Eco Technology and Harnessing Energy

Mode of Study

This program is fully research-based.

Mode Min Semester Max Semester
Full time 6 12

The program requires a nominal duration of six semesters (3 years). The progress of the student is assessed each semesters through a progress report.The degree is awarded based on a comprehensive examination (viva voce) of the doctoral thesis submitted by the student at end of study. All PhD research are supervised by academic staffs from the Graduate Faculty member.


This program will be conducted at Perdana School (UTM Perdana), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.


English language is the main medium for teaching & learning activities.


All applications must be made online through School of Postgraduate Studies official website ( or refer HERE

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact:

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