UTM Perdana School Approaches

perdanaSince this program is specially designed to produce knowledgeable skillful and expert Science, Technology and Innovation policy makers and researchers, integrated approaches are implemented to ensure successful completion on time, as follows:

  1. The appointment of Resource Academic Fellows (Research Methodology) to assist students with their policy research throughout the study duration;
  2. The organizing of postgraduate student colloquia and seminars to enhance their communication, leadership and critical thinking skills while upholding responsibilities;
  3. The establishment of structured supervisory committees consisting of multi-disciplinary experts based on the topics of research. These committees would consist of:
  • Graduate Faculty members from diverse and experienced multi-disciplinary fields
  • Associate members from other faculties
  • Members from industry and government agencies as approved by the UTM School of Graduate Studies

Uniqueness Of Academic Programs At UTM Perdana School

Luncheon Talk Series Luncheon talk series on policy studies in Science, Technology and Innovation.
Guided Panel Supervision (one from industry) An active guided supervision and ongoing support for all postgraduate candidates towards the successful completion of their theses. The supervision panel plays an important role at several stages in the candidates’ candidature, meeting to discuss the research progress report.
Postgraduate Internship 2 weeks to a semester internship in specific agencies or industries related to areas of study in local or international organizations (optional).
Postgraduate Student Day A one-day seminar conducted by postgraduate students working in a group at least once during the duration of their study.
Colloquium Informal An academic seminar on broad field of study to be organized by students within the school community.
Research Methodology Fellow
  • Consultation on individual basis
  • Conducting of research methodology workshop